Help : Selling Tickets Back

What information should be included on my E-Ticket upload? close

Please ensure you have included all information that will be required to access the event. If you received your E-Tickets as a PDF, please upload the PDF file. If you received an email containing barcodes, please upload screenshots, however, please ensure the barcode, as well as any other details that may be required to be displayed on the door, are visible.

Can I ask for more than face value when I sell my tickets? close

When listing your ticket(s), you are permitted to increase the sale price by up to 10% higher than the face value of the ticket(s) to cover any booking fees.

Some fields in the 'Edit Listing' form are greyed out. Why can't I edit them? close

If you import your listing details from a Ticketline order, you need only provide your chosen selling price, the Unique Ticket Number (UTN), if applicable, and any ticket restrictions that apply to each ticket. All other ticket details are fixed to assure the buyer that the ticket(s) are authentic.

I ordered tickets through Ticketline, but I need to keep some tickets and sell the rest. Can I do that? close

Yes! Just click 'Import ticket details' on the Add Listing page and we ask you for each ticket "Do you want to sell this ticket?". For the ticket(s) you do not wish to sell, click 'No, I'm keeping it' and complete the ticket information for the others.

I want to import an order from Ticketline. Where do I find my order reference? close

You can find the order reference on your Ticketline confirmation email, or alternatively, login into your Ticketline account and your order reference can be found within 'Order History'. Are you unable to find your order reference, or lost your confirmation email? Please contact the Ticketline customer service team. They will ask you some security questions and then identify and tell you the order reference.

I've changed my mind and no longer wish to sell my tickets, what can I do? close

As long as your tickets haven't sold, you can cancel a listing at any time. Just go to the Listings in your account, select the listing you want to cancel and use the Delete button. If you do not see the Delete button available, it means you cannot delete that listing, for example, if the tickets have already been purchased.

My listing has failed verification. Why? close

When you import an order from Ticketline, the original buyer who purchased the ticket(s) receives an email requesting approval of the resale of the ticket(s). If you receive a failed verification notification, the original buyer has refused the resale of the ticket(s). If the tickets were purchased by someone else, please contact them for further information. If you were the original buyer of these tickets, and you did not receive a failed verification email, please contact us for further information.

My listing is awaiting verification. Why? close

When you import an order from Ticketline, the original buyer who purchased the ticket(s) receives an email requesting approval of the resale of the tickets. If you were the original buyer of the ticket(s), please check email inbox (including spam/junk folders) for the email address you used to buy the tickets. Click the link in this email and you can then proceed with your listing. If the ticket(s) were originally purchased by someone else, please contact them and request approval to resell the ticket(s)..

My listing is marked as incomplete. Why? close

Your listing remains incomplete as you have either not completed the required information in the listing form, or you have yet to upload your e-ticket(s) to the listing. Please return to the form, check all listing details and ensure you have uploaded your e-ticket(s).

My listing is marked as rejected. Why? close

Unfortunately, your listing did not pass our review due to missing or inaccurate details. We typically provide reasons for why a listing has been rejected, along with suggestions to help you get your ticket(s) on sale. Please click on the 'Listings' section and go to the listing summary page. You should see any useful notes at the top of the page. Please contact us if you need further information before completing and resubmitting your listing.

My listing was on sale but is now marked as pending. Why? close

All listing details must be reviewed by our team before going live and on sale. If you changed any details of your listing after it went on sale, it will be reviewed again. Any issues with your listing that prevent it being listed will be highlighted and sent by our team to you to rectify prior to re-submitting your listing.

I need to refund a buyer for the tickets they bought from me. What do I do? close

To refund the buyer of your ticket(s), you must do so from within your PayPal account. Please login to your PayPal account and follow instructions on how to return funds to the buyer.

I am required to state if I am a "trader". What does it mean to be a trader? close

If you have been identified selling several tickets to several events, you will be listed as a trader to buyers to ensure they know who they are purchasing tickets from.