Help : Buying Tickets Back

I'm waiting for specific tickets to be listed. Can you alert me when tickets are made available? close

Yes! It takes seconds to set up a new notification. You need to create a saved search. Please search for the event or venue name you want to be notified about and click the 'Save this search' button. Then click the 'Create' notification button and select the switch to on or off on for either email or SMS notifications next to that search. Please ensure you have provided your full mobile number on 'Your Profile' to receive SMS notification. You can add an infinite amount of saved searches and switch off these notifications at any time.

Which payment methods can I use? close

All transactions are completed using PayPal. Credit/debit cards can be used, as well as the standard PayPal wallet which are associated with your PayPal account.

Why do you charge a booking fee? close

We charge a booking fee to enable us to provide a fantastic service for you to purchase tickets from sellers on Fanticks. The booking fee is our only income and covers all costs associated with running Fanticks.

How quickly is payment taken/received? close

Payment is taken and sent to the seller immediately once you have purchased a seller's ticket(s) from their listing.

Can I purchase tickets listed on Fanticks over the phone? close

No, purchases can only be made online. Listings are placed on Fanticks by sellers and not ourselves, and therefore the purchase can only be made between you and the seller online.

Can I use a Ticketline Gift Card to purchase tickets? close

No, Ticketline Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase your ticket(s) on Fanticks. All payments can only be completed using PayPal.