Help : My Account Back

I've forgotten my password, what do I do? close

Please click 'Forgot Password' on the sign in page. Just enter your email address, and we will send you a link to reset your password.

Please note, if you are using a Ticketline account, you should reset your password via the Ticketline website

I signed in with my Ticketline account. Why can't I change my password? close

If you signed in using your Ticketline login details, for security reasons, you must change your password on your Ticketline account.

Why can't I turn on SMS notifications? close

Please ensure you have provided a valid mobile number on Your Profile.

Why do I need an account to buy tickets? close

A Fanticks account is required in order for buying and selling tickets. Sellers can list their ticket(s) on a secure site and communicate questions or issues with a sale and ensure the sale is completed in a secure manner. Buyers have a secure area to track, access and download purchased tickets and the ability to contact the seller with any questions or problems with their purchase.

How do I delete my account? close

You can permanently delete your account if you have not purchased or sold any tickets on Fanticks by visiting "Your Profile" page, and clicking "Delete Account". You will be asked to confirm if you are sure you wish to close your account prior to deleting your account. If you have purchased or sold tickets, please contact requesting your account to be deleted. Please note, we may be unable to close your account if we require to retain your data for legal purposes, or you have an active purchase or sale. Further information on your account and your data retention rights are outlined in our Privacy Policy.