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What is a 'Verified Ticketline booking'? close

This means we have confirmed that the seller is the original purchaser of these tickets or has been authorised by the original purchaser to sell these tickets. The ticket information is precisely as it was in the original booking, only details such as selling price, seat restrictions & delivery options were supplied by the seller.

What does 'Discount' on a listing mean? close

The 'Discount' identification means that the seller has requested less than the original face value for the ticket(s).

What is a Unique Ticket Number (UTN)? close

If the ticket seller or event organiser is using UTNs, it will have been supplied on their tickets. Under the Consumer Rights Act, you must state the UTN for each ticket if you have one.

A listing contains more tickets than I want to purchase. Do I have to buy them all? close

Yes, all tickets on a listing must be purchased together. However, you can resell any unwanted tickets here on Fanticks.

Why can't I see the postage option I want on the listing I want to buy? close

Sellers can select the delivery options they want to offer. If you can't see a preferred delivery type, this is due to the seller not offering this type.

The seller has not received the tickets yet. Why is that? close

It is common for some event organisers to release tickets just before the event. Tickets can also be sent in batches, with some ticket agents sending their tickets earlier than other agents. You can discuss delivery or meet-up arrangements using our 'Conversations' feature.

How do you check listed tickets are not being sold over the original face value? close

When an event is listed, we request the seller lists their ticket(s) at the face value they originally paid or less. Fanticks verify all tickets prior to publication and matched with database that lists most UK events. Should an event not be in our database, we request you list all necessary details relating to that event inclusive of the face value of the ticket price.

There are details missing from the listing. How do I find out the missing information? close

Please contact us outlining the information that is missing or incorrect. When contacting us, please include a link to the listing and any further information.

I want to report a problem with a listing. close

If there is a problem with a listing you'd like to report, you can do so by clicking "Report a problem" in the bottom left corner of the Listing details view. If you want to be contacted about your report, please specify your contact details in the report form.